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Buy some quality ammo for the 10mm and go. I'm getting 1300+fps with Double Tap 200 gr hardcast bullets from my Glock. A short 3"-4" barreled 44 won't do all that much better. A 44 mag will offer quite a bit more power, if you want to shoot it from a 6" or longer barrel. But those tend to get left behind when you really need them. The Glock 20's are gaining a good reputation and a lot of Alaskans are choosing them because of their compact size and real world performance. The 1006 should be at least as good. If carrying most handguns with more than a 4" barrel I find a carbine easier. A Marlin lever action in 44 mag would be my choice in 44.

Of course the 454 takes things to a different level, but those cannons are going to get left behind and not carried a lot because of the size. I view them more as hunting handguns where long range power is desired. I don't see them as practical personal protection guns.
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