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Help: 44 Mag or 454 Handgun and Recommended Ammo for Extended Stay in Alaska

Originally Posted by ClydeFrog View Post
Ha ha ha.
A forum member once said there are no snakes in AK but I wouldn't want to be the first to meet one, .
The forum member was correct, there are no snakes. Although "snake" shot type loads are good for bagging grouse and ptarmigan for supper, there are lots of those and a small game license isn't too spendy even for an out of stater.

Accounting for all of the other stuff I said, the 5.5" Redhawk in 44 Mag would be an excellent one gun choice for everything you say you intend to do on this trip.

Don't want to start a fight but the difference between 44 heavy loads and 10mm "heavy" loads is not even close to trivial.

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