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i switched to the barnes x bullets years ago for .243 and can attest to them working well on larger whitetails in the midwest (southdakota) and to large muleys out to 200+ yards...

the nosler partitions i have used on elk and moose with great success in 300 win mag and 30/06 ....

also to note, i would only hunt elk with larger than .243... i would be thinking 7mm-08 at a minimum or maybe even 280 rem...

i love the .243 and shoot them all them time and raised my two oldest daughters to shoot them as first deer rifles, but like i said before i would switch to at least a 308 for an elk rifle... . my first 2 elk were shot with an old sporterized enfiled no4 mk1 in 303 british and using generic remington round nose soft points and the elk (both spikes) fell in their tracks... i was 17 and 18 yrs old for each of the kills and was glad just to draw a tag and was hunting for meat.... hit em in the boiler with a big slow moving round like the 303 brit or 35rem and they will fall... even 30/30 will take em' down...
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