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22 short CB's was the only round....

22 short CB's was the only round that would shoot accurately in my son's Daisy 22 rifle. I had to work on the Daisy 22 to improve the trigger pull enough so he could pull the trigger. The Daisy is a single shot and just the right size for a 7 year old. I took the rifle apart and found that by using a hose clamp I was able to get the trigger pull to a reasonable level. I tried all types of 22 rim-fires and the only one that had a decent group was the 22 short CB. The others were all over the place. He did get a few squirrels with it. It was very quiet compared to regular 22lr. We also shot a lot of paper and coke cans.

I keep a lot of different boxes of 22's including 22 shorts to test 22 rim-fire rifles.

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