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Make sure to buy Hogue Decelerator grips. You may want to use a padded shooting glove when you practice shooting the heavy loads.

I'd still keep a pump action shotgun or 45/70 levergun handy while out and about. The long gun is the way to go, but you'll have to make allowances for it. A quality sling will be essential.

Shotgun slugs are pitiful.
What's the problem? I just watched "Bear Island" and one of the guys with LaVern Beier had a pump action shotgun. Someone mentioned "Brennekes"...what are the attributes to look for in a slug?

You remind me of me ten years ago when I moved out of America ;-)
Yeah, no s**t. I'm seriously considering doing so since the political retardation is getting so bad. Even my state is infected. I hate going to "large" Libertarian meeting and find only 10 people. It's sad to see so few interested in any sort of liberty.

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