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Ive been saying the 905 is a great gun ever since I got one last year. I posted a thread over at The High Road about it, and after a while, I wondered why the 9mm Revolver hasnt been popular. Ruger, S&W, & Taurus make, or have made in the past, a 9mm revolver, but only Taurus currently makes one(NO, Charter Arms DOESNT make one, even thought everybody thinks they do). It seems the people who own one, or have shot one, really like the idea. It also seems everybody else despises the idea, because they either heard someone else say something bad, or dont understand a "moon clip", or well... because 9mm ammo and revolvers simply werent made for each other. Its all foolish, because the 9mm makes a great revolver cartridge, and Taurus makes a great revolver in the 905. These two threads will give you a good idea of the 905, and why people hate them.
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