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No I don't think someone going to commit a crime cares what the law is. What I DO think is that IF we are going to have the database, it should include more than 20% of the known felons, DEFINITELY long before we apply it to the less common forms of gun sales such as private sales, flea markets and gun shows.

Now my question is, what part of pointing out that far far far less than half of the known felons actually in the NICS database in ANY WAY implied it was useful?

As for what makes me so holy, it would start with the fact that 40 years ago I wasn't smacking around my defenseless wife and/or children. And it finishes with a process to have that firearms disability removed at the state level allowing someone to (theoretically) get their firearms rights back after sufficient time to prove rehabilitation over recidivism. NOT that that was the point I was making, the point I was making is there is a giant hole in the NICS database you could fly a 747 through. With that said, thank you for reading what I wrote, instead of what you wanted to object to, and keeping it civil instead of confrontational.
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