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Re: Are the ranges hurting due to the ammo shortage?

Looks like most of you are seeing an increase in shooters. Corresponding to the increase in gun sales, wonder if these are new shooters? I don't go to the range frequently enough to make any definitive statements. The idpa match i shot recently wasnt that busy (but it was a classifier) and last time i went to the range there were a ton of people, but they were there for a class. Otherwise it was pretty empty. was about 40 degrees and people here seem to think thats cold. So perhaps my data is skewed. Hope to hear from more range regulars or those who work at ranges to get a bigger picture of what is going on.

Went to a big police supply store today and they had zero 9mm/40/45 and next to no 556/308.

So if the ranges are busier...people are shooting up their stock? Reloading? I don't understand this math problem.
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