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My fellow Firing Line pals!

So many of you know I have an ever growing YouTube channel ( with the goal to bring NFA weapons into the positive spotlight and away from the taboo Hollywood image that most uneducated newcomers associate them with. I've been pretty successful at bringing people into our sport and getting them started with their first NFA item and it's pretty gratifying to help my fellow man/gun nut. I have added "How-to" videos to my channel to further help with questions on purchasing and basic function, etc.

I stop by here today to announce that I finally got off my duff and setup a FaceBook fan page to hopefully use social media power to help push a positive light on NFA ownership and general firearm ownership. I will use the fan page to announce upcoming videos and behind the scenes pictures and general FACTUAL firearm related news. I WILL NOT turn it into some non-factual propaganda generating machine like I've seen so many do with their FB fan page. It's purpose is for my fans to keep up to date and be able to ask questions and get in touch with me quicker and share pictures of their own personally owned NFA items and upcoming projects as well. So that being said I hope those of you that use FaceBook with drop by, "LIKE" the page and join in on the fun!

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