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Help: 44 Mag or 454 Handgun and Recommended Ammo for Extended Stay in Alaska

You remind me of me ten years ago when I moved out of America ;-)

I prefer 454 because you can also use 45 Colt... Although your 44 mag is plenty with the heavy loads others mentioned and I believe you can run 44 special as well. I'd save your money and get a nice chest holster for the gun you have. The remaining money can be spent on a decent 8 wt fly rod and some nice waders if you don't have them. If you want to go all out get an 11 or 12 wt rod for Kings too (PM me if you want a good deal on a used Orvis Trident 11 wt).

Fear not the heavy loads... They are really no big deal. Though you should find a nice 44 special load that hits same POA at 10-15 yds to practice with.
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