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What caliber do you have? Many of the 700Ps come with a DM. I have a 338 LM with a DM by Badger that I like. I have recently installed the factory remington DM for .308 and I like it for it's ease of loading. I didn't care so much for the M5 in .308. the magazine seemed loose and the heavy spring in the 10 rd magazine made it hard to load.

I have on order the M4 DM setup and I can tell you how I like it in a couple of days.

Of course what stock you are using, how it is inletted and how much modification you are willing to do to it are important considerations.


Update: Got the M4 magazine system and installed it. Dropped into my B&C stock with no mods. Much prefer over M5. Magazine fits nicely into Bottom Metal and is easier/smoother to load. Fed 5 rounds w/o firing twice and it worked flawlessly. The release is the same place it is on the stock remington BDL so I like that. Haven't fired it yet but right now I'd say it is my favorite.

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