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Don't watch The Grey!....

Ha ha ha.

If it were me in AK for 6mo, I'd get a S&W Gov revolver. It fires .45acp .45LC & .410 shotshell.
A forum member once said there are no snakes in AK but I wouldn't want to be the first to meet one, .

The snub Ruger AK revolver in .454/.45 LC(long Colt) or a Super RedHawk revolver may fit the bill.
The S&W Gov is robust, fires more calibers & can be fit with a Lasergrip; .
For a semi auto, I'd seriously consider a Glock 20 10mm with the Guncrafters Industry .50GI kit.
You can handle bears, wolves, critters & ___ers .

ps; I spent part of the summer of 2012 in North Naknek AK(Bristol Bay). $5.00 for a can of domestic beer, $6.00 for a can of Cambells Chunky soup, $30.00 for a pizza.
No thanks!
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