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The .17hmr is a varmint round, a very accurate one at that. But make no mistake, that's about all it is. Gophers, ground hogs and crows. Sure you can punch paper with it, you can also use it for small game if you ONLY take head shots, not great for coon and fox but it can get the job done if you're up to the task and limit your range.

But it's not a replacement for the good 'ol .22lr and the current madness is little if any reason to be thinkin to get a .17hmr instead of the 10/22. IMO just cause they're both rimfires doesn't make them interchangeable.

If all I was gonna have is one rimfire .22lr wins hands down. 2 rimfires? .22lr and .17hmr. Or better yet a .22lr and the new .17wsm when it's available.
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