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Globe, I just reread what I posted, St Charles is up by St Louis. I have ATV ridin buddys up there too.

What I meant was St James./ Rolla area.

We used to ride over south of the fort till Conservation area closed it off to off road users. Some jackwagons were riding up and down the creeks/rivers tearin it up and ruined it for everyone.

We now ride down by Suttons bluffs. One of those buddys built a nice cabin (his wife and himself, damn structural engineeres think they can it all ) that has great excess to the trails. Down there the miners and loggers cleared out all the hogs. and darn near all the deer too. He hasn't pulled a decent deer from the area in 20yrs he says. I was thinking about Turkey hunted down there (never been but been getting the itch to use my shotgun for something other then trap) but he says good luck as he hasn't seen one in a couple yrs. He could just pulling my leg too to keep all that precious ground to himself.
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