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Three factors make this 527 a viable option.

None of them I am overly happy about. ...

The first is financial . I'd love to have the money to buy what I want and shoot it as much as I want, but at €1 per cheapest .308 (from a reputable brand) shooting my rifle is not cheap and about twice the price of decent .223s

So not only would the rifle be cheaper to buy but also much cheaper to run with factory rounds or reloads.

Secondly, there is the fact that I am not sure I am a good enough shot to reach out to 1000m . Considering I've been shooting now for about 18mths , I think I'm doing OK, occassionally getting "full houses" in the pistol and rifle matches in IPSC, but that is all short range. But I'm no Quigley, or if I am, this hasn't shone through just yet.
I am competent. I think it comes to me relatively easily, but that doesn't make me evolution's gift to sharpshooting!!

Thirdly, and probably the easiest to address is that I am relatively recoil shy on my .308 . The stock can kick but as members have pointed out, a good butt on my stock can resolve that.

Yes, I'd still like to be good with and afford a .308, but wanting doesn't make it fact. Perhaps this is my pragmatic side coming through...

What species might you be going after if you decide to go hunting?
Absolutley no idea... Really, I don't know, but I would choose game that my rifle can take effectively. I guess though that boar, deer or smaller would be on the "menu". For boar, I do have a 12ga if .223 were too light which I imagine it would be...
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