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I grew up in the area and still have family out there. In fact I was out there this past weekend. Went out to a buddys place on Saturday and we shot pistols and rifles, even did some trap.

Godffrey is nice but as for a Big Range, Its too rural. No body wants to give up prime hunting land. Military or Military transplants would not be enough to keep it going as Locals either have or knows a farmer/rancher with land and just goes there.

There is a Fort Riley Trap and skeet Club just north of Ogden but its on Reservation land and must be military to use it. For non military there is the public range south of the Milford lake Dam, but that to is for Trap, Unless they have expanded since I was a teenager.

My familys farm is near the reservation and we hear all the artillery, tank fire and small arms firing ranges. got used to it as a kid. The best sleep Ive had in weeks was this weekend at the farm.

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