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If you read into the DHS ammo contract it is as I have said...

They don't have to buy any of the ammo they contracted for.... or they can buy all of it.

What it does do is that when the Feds request ammo that they are given priority over the civilian market. Just an immediate request for 50 million rounds is enough to put the production line in a jam.

Also consider that early on people may (this is hypothetical) may have been pulled off production lines that were not considered in jeopardy at the time to help out on the production lines to meet the DHS ammo request....

Than the 22lr panic hit and by the time they put emphasis back on 22lr production it was too late to stop the shortage.

Any time they near meeting the DHS requirement the department can put in for another immediate request for another 50 million rounds. I listened to an interview with an ammo manufacturer who laid out what was going on.

It is part of the overall contract that the government gets priority.

Infantry soldiers going into deployment are of course going to be shooting a lot of ammo. But I bet during training it isn't near as much as you would have us believe. If the military is anything like it was when I was in they can be awfully tight with their munitions expenditure in training.

Out of the 250,000 employees of the deparment of homeland security only about 50,000 are agents, and even fewer are ones that would fill a role where they will be in the public armed. So yes I have a problem buying that the DHS can use that much ammo for training.

There are agents who will never leave their desk but push pencils all day long 5 days a week.

qualification for most of the agents may only be a few hundred rounds at most. Only the ones trained for tactical scenarios such as might be expected from state police in some circumstances would train with over a thousand rounds of ammo a year.

Furthermore although the DHS has not grown agent wise over the years why would the latest contract with intention to purchase be significantly higher than any previous intent to buy contract?

I don't believe personally the DHS is preparing for civil unrest but I definitely agree this was put in place in anticipation of using it as a way to deprive gun owners of access to ammunition as a way to limit the stocking up of ammo like they claim is a hallmark action when planning a mass murder.

It is behind the scenes Executive action and it was put in place ahead of the presidential election because whether Sandy Hook happened or not they were planning to enact a gun control move during Obama's second term.

Especially hollow points.

What I see happening is that one day the DHS will either destroy the ammo when it gets too old or it will flood the surplus market.
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