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Looks like you've had a lot of really good advice given here..and perhaps some not so good advice, but I'm not going to address those as a newbie here and make new enemies right off the bat, lol...neither do I wish to be redundant in stating anything that has already been said.
What I didn't see asked, or stated, is what type of deer you plan to hunt? White Tail, Mule Deer, other? I am only familiar with hinting the first two, and I prefer Mule Deer over White Tail (ok, so I'm not normal, lol) I bring this up because hunting strategies can vary according to which type of deer you hunt.

I can see where stand or still hunting might be good for White Tail, but not so much for Mule Deer....where I hunt in Wyoming anyway...I'm a stalker, not a sitter. So I imagine where you hunt also needs to be considered to determine if stand hunting or stalking will best serve you. And yes, knowledge of your hunt area is a must, for many reasons already stated in previous posts by others.

Peroxide hasn't been mentioned yet...that I noticed part of my hunt pack, I always carry a bottle of peroxide in a spray bottle..if you ever loose a blood trail, it can be used sparingly to locate small specks of blood as it will bubble and foam on contact....but one needs to have at least an inkling of which way your game was headed else you just waste your peroxide. I've never had to use it deer hunting as my kills rarely go more than a few feet before going down and staying down...but for elk or antelope, that can cover a lot of ground on adrenaline even with lung or heart shot out, the peroxide can be invaluable.

But my best advice is for you to go with a seasoned experienced hunter your first few hunts....nothing beats hands on education and experience. Good luck
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