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Well, bikerbill, I'm not sure I disagree with your non-agreement with my disagreement . . .

Seriously, though, I think my disagreement was more in regards to the implication that I read in your thread that the battle for 2A rights will always get harder.

. . . each time it happens, it becomes harder and harder for even our best friends in Congress to stand against the tide ...
There will be ebbs and flows in the difficulty of this fight. It will not always get harder, it will not always be easier. Right now, Feinstein's bill is dead as a standalone bill. That doesn't mean it won't be offered as an amendment (which is what I expect). Accordingly, we must remain vigilant.

at some tipping point, backing gun owners and the 2A will become a losing proposition and we will see A-Rated Reps and Senators defect
This only becomes true when we quit showing up to vote and voice our opinions. When politicians cease to have any of that political cover I mentioned, you bet they'll defect. As long as we offer more political cover than the anti-gun folks, they'll defect to our side, though. That's the nature of the popular vote.
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