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i have to admit that i used live wounded birds as decoys. they were hit and still alive so i went with it.
I learned this at about 10-12 yo with the ol' Crossman 760 with real wood and brass bolt handle...

While too young to have seen any big bird eradication bounties etc...

Me and my shootin' buddy were sought out by all the local farmers to keep bird populations in check at their places...

I didn't need my own money or that of my folks to buy ammo for several years... Me and my buddy each got a brand new rifle (same Crossman 760's we preferred) from one farmer when we explained how the sentry crows in that one ol' tree he liked in the middle of that "forty" made it hard for us with our "shot-out" rifle to get close enough to get our selves set up... Next day he swapped us out for our rifles (grand kids probably still use them today) and a couple "Treasure Chest" of Daisey BB's he even gave us the rare boxes of pellets stating they would reach out further in them new rifles...

He was right but they were too slow for us with our high " work ethic " as single shooters...

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