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I doubt that out-of-state calls, emails, smoke signals would much influence Colorado's governor. His vote counting in Colorado could well be another thing. I therefore hope that gunnies in Colorado take the small amount of time and effort to express their thoughts to the governor. Of course, one thing that might well stand in the way of such necessary activity, is human nature, otherwise known as APATHY.
My letter to him explained how much I travel there and how many dollars I have put into his states economy. Not a huge total but enough to notice anyway. I explained that I would have to reconsider such travel if I felt my safety was in jepordy with a mag limit etc etc. Mine carried extra weight I suppose because I was very very close to Aurora Sp? during the shooting there. I was in CO on business and was on my way out of dodge. I wander what would have happened if I decided to stop and catch a movie.

Hopefully he saw it hopefully he considered it.

Regards, Vermonter
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