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Not sure I agree with your disagreement, Spats ... at some tipping point, backing gun owners and the 2A will become a losing proposition and we will see A-Rated Reps and Senators defect ... I think this should encourage all of us to keep after our elected officials to do the things that really can make a change; IMHO, we need to look first at identifying the loons among us and see to it that they get treatment and have no access to weapons they can use to respond to the voices in their heads ... arming teachers after proper training is also an excellent idea which of course has been rejected by anti-gunners whose real agenda is not safety but confiscation. Get rid of preposterous "gun-free" zones.

Just because I'm pessimistic about the future doesn't mean I'm not still working to assure we and our children and their children are never disarmed ... it's a battle worth fighting ...
"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants." Albert Camus
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