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Let's assume, for arguments sake, that Walmart employees are conspiring with smaller gun shops (or others) to siphon off ammo, mark it up and resell it. All this would mean is that there would be an abundance of more-expensive-than-Walmart ammo out there for sale. You would have to pay "black market" prices, but you should still be able to buy as much ammo as you want, or can afford.

I will say this - you can get just about whatever ammo you are looking for at gun shows. It's going to cost you, but if money is no concern, you can walk out with thousands of rounds of 9mm, .223, 308, etc.

Personally, I think there are a combination of things going on. I think LGS's are sending folks out to raid Walmart. But, I also think there are still some hoarders out there stockpiling ammo. True hoarders will never be satisfied with their supply - it makes them feel good to think they have more than anyone else. I also think some ammo suppliers could be holding back to try and keep prices high. Just wait until the Stock Market does a 180 about face and drops 3000 points - there will be plenty of ammo out there for sale then.

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