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Help: 44 Mag or 454 Handgun and Recommended Ammo for Extended Stay in Alaska

"I think it might be difficult to fly fish with a shotgun/rifle hanging on my back. Although I don’t mind having a shotgun/rifle with, I would bet that most of the time it would be resting on tree on the shore while I fish. "

Same thing would happen to me. Bears like fish, they are not shy about taking your catch.

"Should I go to Alaska with the two guns, the Ruger Redhawk 44 and one of the 454’s?"

One is enough. My trail gun is a 44Mag S&W 29, 3" barrel, heavy duty non-fluted cylinder, just weighed it, 45 ounces empty, right about the weight of a Ruger Alaskan. I would go with the 454 Ruger Alaskan.

I've had longer barreled 44 Mags, but they are more suited for hunting, not close range self defense. A big bore snubbie is the ultimate rough and tumble gun.

Since you are already shooting 10mm you will likely be able to handle a big bore handgun. Its all about riding the recoil.

If you wind up dancing with a brownie, you won't feel the recoil.

I would not shoot 44 spl or 45 Colt thru the respective guns, this just cruds up the chambers, more cleaning required + wear & tear.

Best of luck to you, enjoy your time in the last great frontier.
For 20 years the sea was my home, always recall the sun going down, and my trusty friend, a 1911 pistol, strapped to my side.
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