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I think that is total B.S. and Walmart employees are scamming Walmart, and customers in order to buy it and re-sell it.
No doubt this has happened at various places at various times, but the ongoing cries of Walmart conspiracy theories without justification are just plain silly.

Why is it that Walmart that stocks its stores regularly with small amounts of ammo has all these employees running scams to sell ammo under the counter is a viable explanation for a lack of ammo, but we aren't also claiming that all the other LGSs or big stores like Cabela's without ammo aren't doing the same thing? They are all missing ammo from the shelves as well.

Unless folks have some proof showing widespread scamming by Walmart employees, it is naïve and irresponsible to continue spreading unjustified rumors.

At least Walmart is continuing to delivery ammo regularly to customers. That isn't what can be said for many businesses.
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