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I bought some of this back in the 90s for a real low price at a gun show. The first time I used this ammo, I was firing thru a Ruger Single 6. and a friend was using it in his K-22. All went bang and accuracy was on par with cheap WW & R-P ammo.

A month or so later, I took the ammo to the range. This time with a Marlin 22 and a Ruger 10-22. What we found was 25-30% FTF. The firing pin was not indenting the rim enough to ignite the priming charge. Ironically, it would fire in a different 10-22. Yes, the steel case is harder. A subsequent strike on a case that FTF would usually work.

This ammo was not reliable in a S&W model 41, but was 100% reliable in a Ruger Standard Auto.

If your gun has a robust and hard hitting firing pin mechanism, this stuff is OK. If it FTF, try it in another gun.
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