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Just realized I don't have anything chambered specifically for 38 Special...

& my "modern" double action snubbies have a gap between my 32 Mag J frame, & my 44 Special L frame... thought about another 357 Mag, but I have several, just no snubbie, so I'm thinking I need a good, reasonably priced, shootable ( reads no Colts ) 38 Special snubbie... I'm not sure if I should get a steel / stainless gun, as my J & L are an "Air Weight, & an Air Lite" or if I should get an alloy frame, because the one on each side of it on the rack would be alloy ??? BTW... other snubs are a Dan Wesson 44 Magnum, & a Ruger Alaskan in 454 Casull

I think I'm most likely to spend $500.00 or less, & would like to have the gun actually chambered for 38, rather than 357, would prefer Vintage if talking S&W... thinking S&W as a possible 1st choice... model 60 ??? ( sorry, I can't keep up with S&W's model numbers ) or possibly an SP-101 if Ruger chambers them in 38 Special ???

I don't think I want a plastic gun for this choice...

in that criteria, what would your choices be ???
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