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I have a CZ 550 in .30-06 and a CZ 527 Varmint in .223 with the Kevlar Stock.

My 527 Varmint is incredibly accurate and the Varmint models have a 1:9 twist so they can accurately shoot heavier bullets. The regular 527s have a 1:12 twist so they are most accurate up to 55 grains or so.

My 527 with a 1:9 twist has averaged in the 0.3s and 0.4s at 100 yards with at least one hand load with each weight bullet from 40 grains to 69 grains (that turns out to be 64 loads out out 187 tested). Actually, its top 25 hand loads average 0.385 for almost 300 measured groups. It also averages under 0.7 with 75 grain bullets.

The Varmint's 1:9 twist would give you a lot of hunting options.
The Varmint version isn't too heavy so you could hunt with it without noticing it, especially if you already hunt with a CZ 550. My 550 American with the Kevlar stock (even with a hunting barrel) is much heavier than the 527 Varmint with the Kevlar stock.

The .223 is supposed to be accurate out to about 600 yards, although I haven't shot mine over 250 because we don't have a range longer than that. I can attest that the .223 holds its accuracy out to 250 yards, at least.

The 527 would be a good choice as far as I am concerned. My CZ 527 Varmint is one of my most accurate rifles and is a joy to shoot.

The .308 is supposed to be accurate out to 1000 yards if you load for the right velocity and use a 175 grain or 180 grain bullet. I can't comment on that either for the same reasons - no chance to prove it. However, at 100 yards my .308 (a Savage, not a CZ)shoots 168 grain bullets more accuately but at 200+ yards the 175 grain Sierra Match Kings and Nosler Custom Competition bullets seem to be more accurate.
I was told by an ex-sniper that was because the 175 bullets don't stabilize until after 100 yards but I have no way to verify that.

I also like my CZ 550 but mine is in .30-06 and is a good hunting rifle that averages under 0.6 at 100 yards with 175-178 grain bullets.
I recently found a few loads that shoot in the 0.5s so there is accuracy there if you wait for the barrel to cool.
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