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Originally Posted by maestro pistolero
In my state, if one has a CCW that IS the background check. You do your 4473 form at the dealer, and it goes in their file cabinet. Of course, those forms could be collected later and entered into a database (if the law allowed it, which it does not at this time.)
You have identified the major issues with Schumer's UBC bill. The bill eliminates background check substitutes for private sales because they would not create records. Simply put, the underlying purpose of the bill is to create a record of every firearm transaction. While those records are housed at dealers at this time, it would only take a majority vote in Congress to centralize the records.

Outright registration is a high hurdle today, but mandatory recordkeeping may be attainable. Collecting today's records would not constitute a full registry but, over time, the accumulation of records of all transactions would create more and more of the data needed for a registry. Possibly years from now, a move to centralize existing records would be much more viable than simply demanding registration today.
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