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theres limitations on open carry in michigan, there are jurisdictions that are allowed to prohibit the carrying of open carry handguns, but they cant touch a legally concealed handgun, they merely make it a lossely defined "brandishing" charge.

yeah some people shouldnt have a weapon, some people shouldnt be allowed to have children, some people cant be trusted to feed themselves with a spoon and a sippy cup.
but none of those really are regulated. have proof you passed your government mandated " i can flush the toilet program"?

or what about that small scandal in california were a county sherriff was giving rich people, and bigger actors a cpl simply by making them official members of the sherriffs posse wich allowed them to carry handguns, when the general public cant?

restrictions dont work. look how many people go to jail with their third drunk driving charge? or better yet, 13 driving with out a liscense convictions.. yet they still can buy a car.

to many legal issues come up with mandatory training ideology. most of them will always boil down to race/religion problems.

"what, you cant buy a gun if you dont belong to a church?"
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