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traded an FN 5-7 for a matching pair of polished stainless Vaqueros in 357... ( my 3rd matching pair of Ruger single actions )

as far as the shiny front sight, you could take a black marker & darken the edge that's catching the light & see if that helps ( often the top of the barrel being shiny is worse than the front sight blade ) if you are happy with the blackened front sight blade edge, you could apply a little paint on that edge, or if you want it monochromatic, take a little emery cloth, & sand the shine off of that edge... ( it can help to put some of that easy to remove painters masking tape, around the front of the barrel, to avoid scratching anything but the edge of the front sight blade )

a couple of mine... ( 357 Vaqueros are the 2nd pair down from the top )

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