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The nay-sayers & pooh-pooher's, about using birdshot FOR SD/HD, should take a good look at the post I linked to, below.

In the article it says that he was getting the shotgun out of the trunk when the trigger was activated by a jack handle. That means the blast was right next to his arm point blank. Also in the x-ray there was still lots of birdshot that didn't penetrate the arm even at such close range. I know people who have been shot and have seen strangers shot with birdshot just past a few feet and walked away. Most healed up and you wouldn't know they were ever shot unless you saw an x-ray or they told you.

The only deaths that were the result of birdshot that I can think of off hand are suicides. Even from suicides I've seen with a contact wound to the chest the birdshot did not penetrate all the way through. I.M.H.O. the reliable lethal range of birdshot vs humans is in grabbing range of your shotgun which defeats the purpose of using a long gun in the first place.
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