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remember the case a few years back of a florida company that was training people to meet the state requirements for a concealed handgun permit, and were simply using airsoft to do it?

not every person setting themselves up as an instructor is able to give anything close to adequate training. i know an instructor that has been teaching for 10 years, and doesnt know you can fire 38 special in a 357...

if you make gunsite mandatory, you eliminate most of the population simply from carrying a handgun outside of the house. go price ammo these days, whats the minimum amount of ammunition you need to take along? magazines, etc. then getting their is going to be problematic.
what, cant afford a 900 dollar round trip on the airplane? oops, sorry timmy, judy, jane, and jack. guess you cant get your cpl. or even get a gun.

i can see it now... "spaghetti fundraiser so tiny tim can go to gunsite, dont worry we only need to raise 10,000"
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