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Cattleman .45LC Taylor or Uberti?

Alright, so I traded in a Ruger .22 Single Six which I bought for stupid reasons and a 7/8's full 500 round box of Winchester HV .22's for 225 dollars off a used .45LC Single Action Cattleman. (Cost 200 bucks on top of the trade in.) It says A. Uberti - Italy on the under side of the barrel and Taylor & Co. on the top of the barrel. Apart from some minor scratching in the finish on the top of the barrel the revolver is in seemingly excellent condition (the Ruger was very worn and the previous owner didn't seem to care for it well).

Am I correct in assuming from what I've found online, that Uberti made the gun and Taylor & Co. just imported it to the US to some gun store that the previous owner bought it from? I'm not familiar with revolvers in general and have never actually heard of either companies until now. A few threads I've found say Uberti is well above average on quality when it comes to these cowboy guns, just not as good as Colt. How would people here rate Uberti?

My gun seems to be the Single Action Cattleman 1873 Hombre NM shown here:

A few clarifications i'd like to know, what does NM stand for in the Uberti product description? Also, it looks like the 1873 model but on the left side of the frame just below the cylinder it says Pat. Sept. 19, 1871 Pat July 2, 1872. Were they just rounding up or was mine some older model not listed?

I've also seen some descriptions that my gun is a replica of the Colt Peacemaker while others describe it as the Colt Army. Again, i'm not familiar with revolvers much and certainly not knowledgeable in the old west models produced during and soon after the civil war. Any clarification on my gun's origins and what it was made to represent or imitate would be appreciated. Any links to old american west firearms history would also not go amiss.

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