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That gun really looks like a champ to me. Everything on it says it has been cared for during the 100+ years it has been around. Stored to keep the wood tight, no fouled up screw heads, and most importantly, cleaned after use.

I'm not up on the early rifle sights for 94s. The front still looks like the knife blade Rocky mountain base that has been repaired. No biggie at all and it won't really negatively affect the value of an early 4 digit in that nice of shape.

Based on the clean action photos, I'll bet the bore is in similar shape.

If it were mine, after a detailed diss-assembly to clean (not with any abrasives of course), I would slug it. If it is still tight, I'd shoot a 30/1 GC with 18/20 grs. of 5744. No filler.
If the bore is large, a 40/1 plain base.
That load has never let me down in both the .30 and .32WCF.

Letter it and let us hear back.

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