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ready for spring shootin. Itchy trigger finger.

have about 600 rounds down my rem 700 sps varmint now stickin with 168 grn Sierra MK hpbt with 36 grn IMR 4895 pushin it and the accuracy is sublime. Found trigger time to be priceless. I'm really happy with it! Waitin for winter to let go of Michigan now to make it a bit more comfortable than laying in the snow all bundled up and fighting the wind. Sheesh! C'mon spring. Real impressed with the Nikon glass I got too. I recommend it. Very crisp and clear. Its only a utility 3-9x40, I dont really need anything more here. I only max it out from 7-7.5X @ 100 yrds. Does great for $140 on sale at Dunhams. Hoping the ammo rush settles down pretty soon so I can get some more reloading materials again. Probably won't happen till mid summer though. If then.
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