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yes you can but you have to find a local, federally licensed dealer and have them fax or email a copy of their license to the online dealer before buying. then you will have to have the local company perform a NICS background check and pay for the FFL transfer fee.

as for AK specific info here's the same advice I gave to another member on another thread:
right now is a horrible time to buy an AK, AR or just about any other semi automatic rifle based on a military design. with all the turmoil in the senate and congress and just about everywhere else, there has been so much panic that these guns have all flown off the shelves and some companies are backordered into the middle of next year(sadly this is not an exaggeration) . a lot of these were purchased by profiteers looking to make a quick buck by buying low and reselling insanely high. most of what you'll find are incredibly overpriced. 6 months ago Romanian Wasr10/63s which were the cheapest of the cheap were selling for $650 on up, now they're asking over $1000 which is a good step down from the $1300 they were averaging two months ago so it's getting better but still not a great time.

wasr10/63s tend to have quality control issues including magazine wobble which can cause serious problems with jamming unless you buy the slightly larger plastic magazines. they also tend to have canted front sights making it difficult to sight in properly. those are the major issues, another minor problem is some of them tend to have issues with chronic rust, you have to clean them all the freaking time.

I used to own a wasr and sold it, just couldn't convince myself to like that piece I finally sold it, about 3 months later my brother also sold his wasr, both of them had all the of problems that I listed.

a better and cheaper option you could try is the SKS, many can be found for less than $300 and in my personal experience is a far superior design in almost every category except ammo capacity.
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