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fire moose / recall

FM - you said previously you sent your Tc Venture in for the recall. What did your SN start with? Looks like the recall list has all models starting with a "u". My new rifle starts with "tfv" but the four numbers on my rifle match with one listed on the recall list. Guess I will call Tc but thought I'd check with you since you have all ready gone through the process.

For the rest of the thread - rifle looks great. WS finish is sharp. I was surprised how clear the Bushnell scope was. Came with decent scope caps and retention as well. We shall see at the range. Ill bring my Nikon monarch just in case it is junk. Came with a cheapo sling but it did have metal sling swivels which is great. Second mag and mag in the weapon both appear solid. At first blush - thumbs up for $470. Next post I'll put up some pics and shot results. I plan on putting at least three different 308 loads down range. Will advise. Thanks again for all the input.
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