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Are they using live ammo in this? I can't tell. How do they do this? the city lets them? I never heard or seen such a thing.
According to the link under the video, sure enough, they do live fire exercises at the Cotton Bowl in Fair Park in Dallas.

Given the expanse of area around the Cotton Bowl, the Cotton Bowl would be a fairly decent training facility for this sort of activity.

With that said, the whole helicopter aspect of the video was nothing but pure cheese.

Just what I would want as a sniper...a "hide" where I'm standing erect in a wide open space with chain link for cover whilst locking my rifle into a rest mounted to a guard rail.

That is stealth right there, I don't care who you are
The particular drill in question isn't about firing from a position of stealth, but learning to shoot in a stadium environment, down angles, etc. Check the middle of the page and see where they are working numerous shooters as a class. It is a location of teaching convenience for the issues at hand, not teaching stealth tactics. Every stadium will be different in regard to where snipers may set up, sometimes not even being in the stadium itself, but in a nearby building overlooking the stadium.

However, snipers protecting athletic and other venues frequently are no so much in positions of stealth as they are in positions of elevation. For example, you have super bowl snipers on landings...
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