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Originally Posted by NWPilgrim
They also offer a line of Cowboy bullets at 12 BHN. I ordered 1,000 in .44 about a month ago and they just arrived. Planning to use these for my light practice loads.

So you can choose either the 18 BHN or 12 BHN depending on the pressures you will load to.

They were excellent to deal with. Web site estimated shipping delay was accurate, they sent shipping notification, bullets are clean and look great.
They also offer some bullets at a 10bhn, like the DEWC for 38 special(called the PPC). They will also cast different bullets in harder or softer alloy for you and do custom sizing. In the middle of all this crap a guy on THR had them size him some 9mm at .358" and they did at no extra charge in the normal time frame.

Brad and Joann are good people for sure.
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