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They may as well ALL be called match bullets. (with the exception of the spitfires) I love mine for target shooting, fun = hot cans of old/diet soda @ 100 yards the wind just makes the "I bet you cant"(s) interesting

Watched an ol guy one time at the range on the 100 yard. Had some kind of HBAR savage or marlin .17 with about 25 boxes of ammo. He sat there all afternoon, firing round, after round, after round. After I got tired of waiting for him to stop, I asked if I could run down some new targets (I was shooting my RRA M4 entry & 30-30). When I got down there I saw what he'd been shooting....stick on target dots, the nickle sized ones. He had about 50 of them in rows on the card board... all with dime sized 10 round groups in the middle of each one.

That new .17 WSM will be on my short list as soon as ones available though

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