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Alternatives to the AR-15

I'm doing some research on 3 gun shooting competitions and the part that's going to kill me financially is going to be the rifle. What are some low cost alternatives to the AR-15? I think an AK in 5.45 would just be awesome but the cartridge is too small for competition. So naturally it got me thinking about an AK or an SKS with detachable magazines. Then there are the things like the FAl that can cost as much as a low end AR 15.

So that got me thinking about CETME's, Steyr AUG's, things of that nature.

So, while I'd really like to hear some low cost alternatives that are practical, I'd also like to hear anything you guys have experience with replacing semi automatic rifles. what about the PPSh? Or the semi automatic MP5 makes? Just share your thoughts and experiences.
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