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I finally built myself a 17 HMR last year. I like it, but it will never displace my 22 WMR or 22 LR. Yes, it shoots flat so range estimation is not as critical. Yes, it is accurate out to at least 150 yds (I haven't shot it farther than that). No, it does not appear to get blown all over the place (wind drift seems to be less than 22 WMR at the same range, which makes sense). No, it is not a coyote rifle, although with the right shot placement I think you could take one out to 100-ish yds, but the same can be said about the 22 WMR. I like it, but I will hold my opinions about its abilities on anything bigger or heavier built than ground squirrels or jack rabbits (marmots, badgers, etc). But I don't use my 22 WMR for those critters either (I have, but not after the first few times), I would use a 223 or 22-250.
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