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I don’t know if I can handle heavier loads in a 44 or 454 as I have never shot them before. My goal is to start out with the lighter loads and work up to the heavy stuff. As I’m sure it probably takes years of dedicated shooting, I’m thinking this summer would be my entry into art of shooting large bore handguns with heavy loads.

For the last week or two, I’ve been reading everything I can online about AK bear protection and big game hunting. I probably will be fishing/hunting mostly by myself as I don’t know anyone in AK at this time. I do like the idea of carrying a rifle or shotgun with me when I’m in the woods. Unfortunately, I think it might be difficult to fly fish with a shotgun/rifle hanging on my back. Although I don’t mind having a shotgun/rifle with, I would bet that most of the time it would be resting on tree on the shore while I fish.

When I get to AK, I can buy whatever I need for a shotgun/rifle for protection and hunting. Per your comments and what I read before, either the 12GA or Marlin 45-70 is ideal for bear protection. For big game hunting, I understand the .338 or .375 comes highly recommended. Not sure if my Remington Woodsmaster 742 30-06 would come in handy somewhere in this trip as well.

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