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Ruger does make one as my brother in-law own one but it's not as designed for the 9mm like the S&W as my under standing they shoot alittle all over the place, i guess because of it being made for 38/357/9mm as one size does not fit all as i have heard of keyhole effect.

There is a video on youtube of the Charter Arms 9mm.. to me they just made the moon chips part of the ejetor which would also take care of the other issue about the 9mm round back up once fired if it chips in a U shape around the case as to hook it.

The S&W was accepted by the people that order it but the cost may have got them and they did take the first batch and the rest was released to the public. the pricey part is just vintage S&W on a 10,000 run which there is really less of them left then that number still in 95% or better condition.

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