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I thought of that too, but it's impractical. There isn't enough "gain" over the .30 Carbine round to justify all the engineering changes that would be needed.

On the other hand, I can see a nice lever action rifle with a Trapper sized 16" barrel being a handy rifle for the .327 and instant death on coyotes. To get the most out of the rifle might require working up new loads using a slower powder however.
The M1 chamber/barrel would be an easy mod, but the feed and ejection would be nightmares. But Ruger made a lot of semi auto carbines that handled rimmed cartridges just fine using both tubular and rotary magazines. They had both .357 and .44 magnum semi-auto deer guns for years. And of course there's the 10/22. I would really want the speed of a semi-auto for coyote hunting. The slower powder makes a lot of sense and it would need a good varmint bullet like Varmageddon or even a saboted .17 or .22.
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