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i was in the same boat for my daughter who was using my first deer rifle that was a .243 (98 mauser GEW that was sporterized long ago and very well done), i had decided to buy her an encore in 308 since it was lighter felt recoil than a 30/06 (at least that was my idea)... turned out that a 308 and lightly loaded 30/06 are the same percieved recoil to her.

ended up getting her a ruger american in 30/06 and she loves it. when shooting federal or american 150gr sp's she really enjoys it and is more accurate with it than with the 165 or 168gr 308's in an encore. right now i am looking at a 7mm-08 or 25-06 encore barrel or possibly a 44mag or 45acp carbine barrel for the encore so that my other daughter can take it into the woods this fall.
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