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How do you calculate the max hight of your bullets travel at let say 1000yds . Firing position and target are at the same elevation If your bullet is going to drop 24' at 1000yds . That does not mean the the bullet will top out at 24' above the ground/target , right? or does it ?
Your maximum height above line of sight will not be 24 ft but 1/4 of 24 ft, about six ft.
It takes the exact same time for something to go straight up, decelerate to a stop, and reacelerate to it's initial velocity back down as it does to fall four times as far from a dead drop.
Formula for freefall distance. distance in ft = 16.1 * (time in seconds)squared

A bullet spends the first half of its time of flight gaining altitude until gravity brings the altitude gain to a halt, then it spends the second half of its time of flight acellerating back down. Since 1/2 squared = 1/4, the maximum rise is 1/4 of the freefall distance.

In order to have a total drop of 24ft, your bullet would have to get to the target in 1.22 seconds.

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