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Thank you allaroundhunter for your insight. I have a son that works in the gun dept. for Sportsmen's Warehouse and I will also get his input...he'll know what ammo caliber's they get in most, and how often, for our area in WY, but since he doesn't hunt (he also works for a meat processor so has no interest in hunting), I value other hunter's opinions more when it comes to helping my daughter choose her next firearm.
Most importantly, it will have to be something she likes and will be comfortable with, followed by efficiency, and cost...and availability/cost of ammo.

She'll have no choice but to use my 30.30 this coming fall unless she gets a good paying job and can afford it herself after other expenses (vehicle care, insurance, etc) but since she is a horse trainer, still in her early stages of starting up, her cash flow can often times be long between paychecks, lol
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