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.17HMR...What are its capabilities?

For a long while now I've meaning to pick up a 22lr rifle, probably a Ruger 10/22, mostly for plinking but also to just have around to put a small meal on the table if needed.
But then the 22lr has dried up, but it seems 17hmr is always there in some form.
And that got me to wondering what kind of effective range it has and how much better than 22lr it really is.
What it can take down around 100 yards? Can it penetrate a deer skull (for example) or just squirrels and whatnot?

I've been selling off and trying to consolidate to 22lr, 380, 40s&w, 12ga and 30-06, but I'd be willing to give the .17 a slot if it can deliver a longer range punch beyond that of the 22lr in a light rifle package.

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